Sunday, April 20, 2008

sniff sneeze sneeze sniff

Yes a week full of cold/flu type symptoms, probably caught from Kelly who suffered last week. So glad she shared it.
So I didnt do much at all for the second week of the holiday. Mainly sleep and watch telly. We did go out and buy a heap of card so that Laura could make her 'Save the Date'cards, but that was about the highlight.
On Friday Martin and I had been invited to the wedding reception of a girl I had known well through Uni while I was doing my teacher training. Although still in touch we dont see each other often as we have now moved off in different directions. Still feeling like death warmed up we headed out to find the venue. I wasnt sure why we hadnt been invited to the wedding as well, but that soon became clear. Just as she had always said she would, they had had the actual marriage ceremony on the beautiful Island of Mauritus.

It wasnt a bad do either despite the band being an hour late arriving, and the venue being rather like a pub bar and really squashy. The hog roast was to die for, and the 4 songs we did get to hear the band sing were terrific. Sadly by the time the food turned up though, the flu/cold bug had claimed me again. Plus we didnt know a single soul other than the bride and groom, both of who were busy doing the hosts with the most bit. So we quietly slipped away and I was tucked back up in bed by half ten.

So this week, back to supply work and now the cold has gone, suffering from rape seed alergy. Oh well. Summer cant be that far off now can it?

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