Monday, January 19, 2009


At long last (despite a hacking cough) I finally feel much better and last week even managed to do some cleaning and housework type stuff, and walk Bailey dog. Being poorly did mean I didnt manage to keep up as well with my 365 photos so hopefully I will catch up those this week and get back on track. Here are a few I did manage though.

Day 7 'What's for dinner today?' Actually not a lot as I have been busy making the invites for the wedding. These still have tags, and inserts to add but although Laura chose what is really a simple design, they were not simple to make. Every letter needed to be glitter glued, left to dry and then glued on the other side to stick on the card blank. I tried xron but the letters were too small for the glue to stay on all over. 50 of these little darlings means no tea cooked!

Miss a few

Jan 10th Something Pink

My new slippers which are really snuggly and even though I only got them at Christmas are looking well worn already.

Jan 12th 'What is it'

The sea defences at Herne Bay - great pattern!

Jan 13th 'Cute'
OK not so cute as he has been a bit of a pain this week, slipping the lead and rushing off to try playing with other doggie friends - or in the case of Bruce the Bull Mastiff maybe not so good a doggie friend. Yeah alright, he still is cute!

Its been freezing, recording -12 temps in some parts of the country. So we dug out our Indian blankets (oxo blankets because of thre pattern) and put them on the bed. It must be really cold because Martin has not moaned about it (he is always warm in bed, me I am always freezing) but has snuggled down under them too.

Jan 16 Its Midday - What are you doing

Walking the dog, and passing this view. Hampton Pier. It looks far better in the summer but then I have to share with the tourists.

Jan 17th What have you bought this week

I know its a pic of my Cricut which I bought earlier but despite, or because of the cheap price I had to buy new mats, and with all those wedding invites already one mat is in need of new glue. Plus I finally got my SCAL software and have been busy using it to cut all sorts of things up - more about that in my next post.

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