Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Five and six

Tempted to add another 'garden' photo I finally settled on this

as my photo for yesterday (limited as I was to taking photos from indoors) since we woke to an unexpected layer of snow in the morning. It lasted most of the day and we did have another downfall in the afternoon but luckily (since I hate the stuff with a passion) it had all but gone this morning. It was cold enough to get our 'oxo' blankets out and put on the bed last night though.

Today its a photo of a room in the house, and since none of the rooms are wonderful at the moment I settled on the boxes of Christmas decorations which I have struggled to take down even though still feeling like death warmed up (I am refusing to take any more pain killers, it cant be good to eat that many). Goodbye for another year my pretties!

Talking of pain killers, I have just downloaded a copy of The Killers latest album since its so high in the charts and everyone seems to like them, but having struggled through 4 tracks I think I am going to resign it to the waste bin - this soul loving motown girl thinks it all just sounds like one long dirge!

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lyzzydee said...

I like it when the decs have gone, its like a whole fresh start. Happy New Year!