Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some brilliant news!!

Yesterday I had a phone call from our Bessie mates, Jan and Trevor, asking us if we would like to go out for a drink with them.

The last time we had been out together for anything, had been before the Christmas before the one just gone. Over a year, due to their daughter Jo falling off her horse, which ended in her spending 6 weeks in a coma and the subsequent time regaining her movement and speach. No its not like on neighbours where the coma patients just sit up and demand to know whats happened in the last 5 episodes, and then are up and playing footie in the next episode. Recover is a very long, slow and d painful recovery. Jo is so determined to recover though.

We had not had a progress report from them since October and although we exchanged texts at Christmas, with me having flu for so long, we had not had chance until last night to catch up with each other. We knew that things must be much better all round for them though, that they felt they could leave Jo in the capable hands of her other half Ross to come out for a break.

And it is brilliant news.

Jo no longer has to use her wheelchair, in fact for the most part she is getting around on crutches all day now. She can managed stairs, and at weekends when she comes home from the unit, is able to sleep upstairs instead of in the lounge. But best news of all, her physio is, for the first time, starting to talk of a full recovery!!! We are just sooooo very pleased for them all. Jo herself has said that she is going to run the marathon not this year but next, she is so single minded about her own recovery. I for one shall be there to cheer her on!

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