Friday, January 23, 2009

Too much? Too little!

It either seems there is too little going on in my life to blog about, or too much and so I dont have time to blog it.

On Tuesday Martin was off, and I had read on UKS that Ikea had the small 8 cube Expedit units on sale with a £20 reduction. Now we are not normally Ikea people, Martin hated the place with a vengence the only other time he went, and I have only been one other time with Kelly.

I managed to persuade him though and he agreed to come with me to buy two of the units to replace the rather sad and untidy wire cube system that was kinda holding up my stash (albiet with a slight list to the left). Martin was rather impressed with the 93p english breakkie that was still being served even though we arrived 15 mins after the offer ends (they had cooked off too much and needed to get shot), and more than happy with his free bottomless coffee via the family Ikea card we picked up at the door. He was less pleased with the walk round the store, especially as he insisted that the large red arrow on the floor pointing to the market hall was the correct way to start, leaving us stood at the checkout area without having been round the furniture and kitchen section.

Luckily the place had litterally hundreds of the units and they were all stacked up in the aisle rather than us needing to hunt through the warehouse. Still cheerful and despite his 'sonic' screwdriver having no power he put both units together and also put up the cd rack and the two spice racks that have been sitting on the floor for over 2 years! By 7 that evening all my stash was rehomed, the room hoovered and I was ready to rock!

New units

Spice racks and cd rack full of paints and glitters

Old bookshelf full of photos in RUBS now looking lots tidier.

On Wednesday we had booked tickets for the whole family to go to the annual Pantomime in Whitstable's Playhouse. As children this was traditional, and in the 90's the show held immense popularity with people queuing down the highstreet from 6 am to nab their tickets on release day. The box office issued tickets first on Saturday mornings just before Christmas so it became a town event with carols and toast being freely distributed to the fans. We would send Martin down to get our tickets as we needed matinee times with the kids being so little. I'm not sure if it is such an event nowadays but since we dont now mind when we go, we book online and collect the tickets on the night.

Anyway, I had a phone call from Kelly late in the day to say her and Ollie had to work back so could not come, but had passed on their tickets to her bessie friend Helen (a lovely girl) and her babe, 3 year old Ethan. A shame Kelly and Ol missed it because the show itself (Dick Wittington) was as brilliant as ever, but Ethan was a dream to sit next to, totally in awe of his first live performance, so much so that at the interlude he looked at me and said 'I want to go home to bed now'. Bless him!!!!

Yesterday I finally got offered some work - it was 25 miles away in Ashford but as I have not worked since the start of December I didnt feel I could turn it down, especially as they sounded so desperate. It was a lovely school but it did take some finding, and some driving in the torrential rain.

So with all that I have not kept up my blog, my 365 photos or my scrapping. However here are a couple of LO's I made last week, full of excitment and enthusiasm for usin gmy cricut and new SCAL software.

I even learnt how to download free clipart and using photoshop, inkscape and SCAL cut out the chipboard snake!Hissing Sid

Bazille Cardstock Pinecone
Chatterbox papers, Chateau stripe, Courtyard flowers,
Scenic Route Jargon Rub on Alpha
Barefoot You & Me quote
7 Gypsies Memories stickers
Prima printed flowers
Buttons from stash
Daisyd stitches roller
Snake cut on cricut using Animals2 Dingbat font

I also decided that instead of getting rid of my MM scrapbook calander from last year I would go through them again for more inspiration and actually DO the LO's. This one is a scraplift of 31st December which was trying to encourage me to use the packaging from my scrapbook products but as I havnt bought any I just used the LO as it stood. Look I cut out all the deckle edges, the circle and the star on the 'bug'!

Hide and Seek

3 bugs in a rug jovial-cheeryo
3 bugs in a rugh groovy-love beads
Bazille Tropicanna from Gold Fors
Bazille Pink Blush
Cosmo Cricket buck naked chipboard buttons

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The units are lovely glad you have some work again.