Saturday, April 03, 2010

Before I go

We are off to Cyprus for a week tomorrow with Wayne and Laura. We have hired a villa which last week caused quite a bit of a panic. I had been emailing the hire company back and forth for various reasons since February with no problems, but they still needed the details of how we were transfering from the airport before releasing the details of where the villa was and how to get the keys. Last saturday I emailed these final details through and waited for the reply. It didnt come.

I emailed again on Wednesday, still no answer, so Martin decided to ring them. There was no connection to the London number, and all the other numbers we had were in Cyprus. We tried the men with little mustaches on 118 118 but they were worse than useless, after keeping us on the line for ages they couldnt find any numbers at all. By now I was getting a bit panicky, so Martin phoned Cyprus.

None of the numbers would connect!!

Some more sitting there looking at each other, and then Martin got me to check the international code for Cyprus, we had only been ringing half of the code. Finally someone answered, seemed to know what we were talking about and promised to email the instructions.


Except the promised email never arrived.

Thursday morning I tried emailing again, using the reply button to the emails I had got before. It bounced!!!

In desperation I emailed again through their web site.

By now I am near hysterical because its not just our holiday but the kids as well and I am the one that has done all the booking etc. It will be down to me if its all gone pear shaped.

Luckily Martin was able to get through to the head poncho in Cyprus, despite it being a bank holiday over there. He had managed to find one of my emails in their junk folder, and sent the details of how to get there immediately.

And I have found our villa on google earth.

So only the packing to do and we are on our way!!!!

In the meanwhile I took a little time out to play this morning.

I have had a layout sitting on my desk for 2 weeks, wondering what to add to it, to embellish it. Although my craft room is full of tools and stuff to use the tools on, such as glitter, glue, die cutters, card, punches, and such, there isnt a great deal of stash iuswim. Then this morning I had a brain wave. Ages ago I got a tub of dreamweaver stencil paste. I havent used it much, not really knowing how to use it on a LO. I also have a Chatterbox doodle genie.

And I have always wanted some of those glitter/gem swirls but refuse to pay the premium to buy some.

Light bulb moment! Make my own. So I used the paste on the doodle genie to create some dotty swirls, covered them in glitter and voila.


Sue said...

Have a wonderful time :D Will be thinking of you in the warm sunshine xxx

Boo said...

Oooh, just seen your dotty swirls - I love those. You are so creative and inventive darling. xxx