Sunday, April 25, 2010

LO's and Cyprus

Before my hard drive broke I was busy taking part in lots of the comps and sketches put up by ATDML on their blog.

One of them was the February challenge using three different types of patterned paper from your old stash. The photo for inspiration was of three different sized mixing bowls, one inside the other, so this is what I came up with.

I never got to upload it before because of computer problems. I also had this one sitting on my work space for the best part of three weeks, adding bits to it along the way, so its been a bit of a long process getting this one finished.

Cyprus Wednesday

We were rathere dissapointed to awake to windy and cloudy weather, so we did little but mooch about inside the villa. By noon there was a heavy rainfall, which didnt last long but it was still windy.

It did help clear the air as it warmed up enough to spend the rest of the afternoon at the pitch and putt course.

Although very expensive (27E for two of us) we had quite a good laugh. Laura managed a hole in one, and our intrepid golfer Martin kept putting his ball in the water features.

Back at the villa we planned our second attempt at a bbq.

Once more temperatures had dropped so the three of us had retreated indoors to set the table for our meal inside. Martin was outside happily turning sausages and grilling beefburgers when the heavens opened.

This wasn't just rain, this was a deluge. Mart run indoors and stood in the doorframe watching all the food get soggy, and asking if there was a brolly anywhere. This was no good. Our tea was out there.
With no further thought I dived outside. Within two steps I was drenched to the skin, but I wasnt loosing my meal. Quickly I shoved the food from the BBQ onto a plate and run back in for Martin to finish cooking it in the oven.

By the time we had finished our grub, the rain had stopped, and most of the puddles evaporated. We made our way to the pub to watch yet another footie match, only to be caught in another downpour on our way home.


Helen said...

I love the "Summer" layout Yizz - it's so pretty :)

Boo said...

Saves the grub!!!! I can visualise it now - you always have me in fits of giggles darling.

Adore those layouts! WOW so much prettiness and work gone into it. Love the circles - really gives a great sense of flow.

trinketz said...

The pics are fab, wish I was in cyprus lol x