Monday, April 19, 2010

More of Cyrprus

So planes still grounded in the UK and chaos reigns. MP's recalled from election campagning to discuss ideas of getting all our UK travellers home. A small silver lining is that supply teachers i'e me are getting a bit of work. I have been booked in at a nearby school for the whole week to cover one of their teachers marooned in Singapore on her way home from her Easter break in Tailand. I am so pleased we booked our break in Cyprus those few days earlier.

Cyprus Day 3

It really was going to be a chill out holiday so most of the party stayed asleep in bed the next morning, apart from Martin who despatched himself to the supermarket bright and early for the much needed bread and a few other urgent supplies.

We treated ourselves to a homecooked breakie before we all took the car to the supermarket. It was packed, as obviously other holiday makers needed provisions too. We managed to get salad stuff and bbq grub, and then enough exhursion for one day, we collapsed beside the pool in the warm sunshine again. Laura had got herself sunburnt already so there was lots of slapping on lotion, our whimpy white bodies surprised by the heat of the sun.

Late afternoon we drove along the coast

beautiful scenery
and across many kms of unmade road to try and find the turtle breeding grounds at Lara Bay. We had been before many years ago but it had been during the egg laying months so the beach had been closed and we couldnt actually see much. This time I hoped to be a little nearer to the incubation shed and maybe even spot a turtle, but all we managed to find after bumping uncomfortably along the miles of rough road not such beautiful roads
was a rather run down looking cafe (although some other visitors assured us they had just had a lovely meal in it) and nothing much else.

Disappointed, but quite happy to enjoy the countryside as we drove back onto tarmacadam, we arrived back at the villa to discover there had been a power cut. No worries, that wasnt going to stop our bbq (the villa owned a fantastic brick built bbq complete with serving benches and lights).

BBQ envy

After we had eaten, the light failing and only one candle in the whole of the place, we were unfortunately forced up the road for a candlelit drink in a nearby bar.

It was quite amusing to people watch and see how various people dealt with the enforced darkness, the bar staff gave mixed reactions, some making jokes with us and puns on the service in the poor light, while others were somewhat short tempered about it.

The power returned after a few hours though, and we moved back to the sports bar to watch the football and laura introduced me to the world of cocktails with a Tequila Sunrise.

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Boo said...

Oh lol, laughing at short tempered peeps in the bar now. :D Love the look of the tequila - just the one was it?