Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last few days

For Boo - yes it was only the one cocktail, I was very good and Laura had me on a slow learning curve.
Anyway hun, this one will make you laugh!

Thursday in Cyprus

Early in the week, Laura and Wayne had been telling us all about their time in Cuba when they had got 'caught' by the timeshare touts. We had laughed when they said the only reason they had gone to the presentation was for the ride home they would get afterwards which had saved them a big taxi fare back to their hotel. I think that kind of sets up the scene for what happened next.

The kids fancied a bit of time to themselves and had decided to go for a walk and explore a bit on their own, so Martin and I took ourselves down to the coastline to find the beach, which was meant to be only 10 mins walk away. We couldnt actually get down to the beach for the cliffs, but we found there were some terrific views and we also got to nose at all the larger more expensive villas.

As we strolled back a guy pulled up in a car and gave us some scratch cards. Surpeise, surprise!! We had won, two bottles of wine and the opportunity of cash or a free holiday.

Confident in the knowledge that neither of us were gullible enough to fall for any speil or end up signing our lives away (since we didnt have anything to sign away) we thought we would go along for a laugh (and the wine).

So we got to spend an hour or so, sitting in the sun, enjoying free (soft) drinks and being chatted up by some guy trying to sell us membership into the 'holiday club'.

Now I am not knocking it, somewhere in all the garbage was actually a really good idea held up with some strong buying power, and we were honest enough to weigh up all the options before deciding, but there were several things any intelligent person would consider before filling in the dotted line -

why do you need to sign up there and then ........ probably because (as I looked up on the net later) its possible to get resales for about half the price.

why, since it is a major purchase, do these companies not set up websites and let you buy online, having done the research first?

and most importantly, why, when in the selling presentation we got on to the inevitiable two man tag game, the new guy had to keep feeling up my knee and arm???????????

His overfamiliarity (and really bad jokes and sense of humour) put me off more than anything else might have done.

We said no.

We were grudgingly given our 2 bottles of vin-de-cheapo white.

We won the holiday (which came with heaps of conditions and included another couple of timeshare presentations so which went rapidly in the bin)

We had to ask for the promised lift back to our villa

We were no longer treated like royalty but hardly spoken to as they showed us the door.

Hmmm, strange that.

We had a brilliant laugh about it with the kids when they came back. Even more so the next day when we heard, over the hedge to our villa, two more likely victims being given the same scratch card chat up line and get into the same car. They were in for a treat too.

Laura and Wayne, meantime had walked further than us and had a walk round Coral Bay beach. A lovely time they said, but I bet they didnt have half as much fun as we did.

Still there was enough hot rays and enough time for more time in and around the pool.

That evening we were eating seperately, so after the other two left, Martin and I went out to choose a restaurant. With strict instructions not to go to the same place as the others, we walked up and down the stripe (which has a fair few choices) before finally settling on an establishment for the full three course set menu. Some of the meals were a tad odd, like the warmed (not cooked) tomatoes with feta cheese and honey, but anyway replete we met up with the other villa members to go to the local bar, and you guessed it, watch another foottie match!!

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Boo said...

I'm so glad you told me about this story Yizz - I've been in fits here. Especially the part when you were no longer treated like royalty and almost roughly bundled back into the car with your cheapo wino! Ugh at the creepy guy laying hands on you - home sordid is that! You certainly made the slimebags work for their money (or no money as it turned out) lol.