Thursday, June 09, 2011

Listen to the music

I just discovered the 30 day song challenge on FB - ok I am probably a bit behind the times, but what the heck, its still great fun.

Day 01: Favourite song - well thats a no-brainer, its just got to be Summer Breeze by The Isley bros. 1974

This version has Ernie doing the most amazing guitar solo ever!!!!

I remember when it was first released (yes I am that old) Our 'local' was The Neptune, a pub right on the actual beach at Whitstable and I can clearly remember sitting on the beach, drinking a pint in the blistering sun (its always summer in your memories isnt it?) and listening to it on the radio (no ipods in those days, I dont think even Sony Walkmans were around then). Then some of the guys thought it would be a laugh to go swimming fully clothed. Of course there is always one, and Findus (nick name) lost his specs in the sea. He had to wait until the tide went out to find them but since low tide was around half ten that night, it was too dark so he had to come back just after dawn to look. He did find them, but it gave us all a laugh.

A few years back I introduced music into my reception class, we had music to tidy up to, music to work to, music to sit still ready for quiet/listening time to. I would try to theme the peices of music I chose to use, so obviously for the summer term the children were exposed to this song. I only had the full 7 min long player version but only played the beginning, just enough time to sit down and show they were ready for story time. That is unless their behaviour that day had not been quite up to scratch. They knew they had upset me if I made them listen to the whole song, beginning to end (without talking because it was Miss's favourite song which was not to be spoilt by talking children) Usually by the end of it we were all alot calmer. The children soon got to know and love the song (often they would beg me NOT to turn it off!) and other staff members walking through my class room would find it really amusing to see 30 reception age children singing 'Makes me feel fine, Blowing through the Jasmine of my Mind'.

They just really do not make songs like this anymore :(

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