Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Safari

Today Dad, Mum and I were out visiting gardens again as we joined the Broomfield and Herne Garden Safari. The weather hadnt really improved much from last week, and this time the gardens were way more spread out so it involved a great deal of jumping in and out of the car, and attempting to find parking places as all those that had turned up for it followed each other round the circit of gardens.

The folk showing their gardens had obviously put lots and lots of hard work into the event, but the gardens themselves were not as spectacular or as full of inivative ideas as those the week before, but it was still a great way to go round and nose at how others live, and to meet and chat with some lovely people.

One or two gardens did stand out though, both mum and dad were particularly taken with the garden totally crammed with plants with only a small narrow pathway around and through it.

At every turn there was another ornament or wind charm to keep things interesting and where tropical plants were neighboured next to english roses.

My favourite was the one where we finally collapsed for a cup of tea and cake, not just because of the refreshments and rest but because it was full of all my favourite cottage garden flowers.

I wasnt too sure about the beautiful olde cottage

with this in the back garden.

But I am pretty sure tthis one was dad's best find of the day, the garden that surrounded a working farmhouse, complete with pigs (they had to be teased out with apples just for dad as they had actually just gone to bed for the afternoon). There were chickens, ducks, sheep, and horses the other side of the garden fence too, and a huge veggie growing area.

Another surprise was this garden, I wonder if Kelly remembers? I am told to mention bread and marmite???

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Kelly Matthews said...

Peanut butter, they like peanut butter as well as marmite.
I'm glad to see he's restocked as they lost all their fish quite a few years ago.