Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still on the list

Another song from the challenge.

Day 10 A song that makes you fall asleep.

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple 1975

Ooookkkay. I can hear you all saying, how can you possibly fall asleep to that one???

Well obviously I cant but here is the story

When I was about 14/15 I was pursuaded by my 'mates' to partner a guy who was a friend, to his brother's birthday party as he didnt have a date. I was only doing him a favour as I only saw him as a mate but he obviously took it to mean so much more because the next thing I knew I was being dragged round to his house to meet his parents and his brother!! And worse still led up to his room to listen to music.... oooops! Well his idea of music was Led Zepp and Deep Purple albums as background to an afternoon of snogging - not on your life, so the only way I could think to get out of it was, at the earliest opportunity, to fane sleep until finally (several albums later) he woke me up and took me home!

And you all thought the 60's/70's were the time of free love!!!!

Well another day off and again Martin and I started in on
The List The trouble is we keep finding other things that also need doing - is that the way of lists?

Anyway he mowed the lawn while I attacked the bindweed, then he needed to go and buy a smaller sander as ours was too big to get into the spaces in the small bedroom where the window sill had been replaced and plastered in. In the meantime I decided that the area where I store all the plant pots and gardening paraphanila needed clearing up so I could get to pick the raspberries. In doing that I unburried the little wooden wheelbarrow planter that Ollie and Kelly had given me as reward for being Mother of the Bride at their wedding (instead of the usual bunch of flowers). It needed a bit of work so I started to punish it with a hammer and some nails, Martin soon came home and put a stop to that, and ended up replacing all the screws that held it together.

None of these jobs were on The List

Neither was taking the bed down and putting it in the attic (done after sanding down the wall lso that there will be room for a cot), or tidying my craft room, or .... Oh well at least stuff got done, even if it wasnt the ones we had intended doing today.

I have settled for an owl theme in the spare bedroom and as well as buying some Owl bedding I started to make an owl mobile. Laura dropped in and did a bit of quality control on it, we came to the conclusion that it was too small (despite me following the pattern to the letter), that I really cant do blanket stitch for toffee, and it doesnt match the bedding so could I make different ones?

Mm back to the drawing board.

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