Saturday, March 10, 2007

The BIG day

So its finally here. The day we give our little girl into the keeping of her new husband! Gosh where did that time go, seems only yesterday we were rushing off to the hospital - me in the ambulance because my waters had gone and hubby in his car, racing to catch up because the ambulance driver needed the loo in a hurry, and hoping not to get stopped because he had just come back from a pub crawl with his mates (I stress this was back in the days before we really realised the dangers of drink/driving).

So right now I am sitting here waiting for my nails to dry and wishing I had settled for slightly lower and more comfy shoes. Its very quiet here because Kelly has opted to leave from her chief bridesmaid's house. This is because she is getting married in her own parish which is half hour drive from our house and I couldnt see the point in her coming all the way back here just to drive back again. A little bit of me wishes I hadnt suggested this, and had made her come here but I know in my heart of hearts this is the more practical option.

So calm, calm almost boring here. We had some fun yesterday as the boys were going into town to collect their penguin suits and Kelly and I were collecting the dress and cake. This obviously needed 2 cars but as Martin went to start his, it refused and the RAC had to be called. The RAC were prompt but parked across the drive preventing me from getting my car out. So delays all round and slight panic as we were running out of transport options for today. Dad's seats in his car are all spoken for and Wayne's had failed its MOT, needing new suspension.

Anyway all cars are miraculously back on the road now so panic over. Suits were collected, cake is beautiful and dress safely delivered.

A futher hickup when I got Laura's poncho out the washing machine (needed just incase it is cold at the church as the bridesmaids are in strapless dressies) to find the washing machine had eaten a large hole in it. Back into town to M&S to buy a pashmina. We managed that after a strange 3 way phone call in the middle of the store between myself, Kelly and the other bridesmaid to check I got the right one.

So off at 2, ceremony at 3, then lots of kisses and hugs, tears and hopfully happiness to come today.


Sue said...

awww Darling . Hope everything went well :)

Heather said...

I hope the day is going wonderfully well!