Saturday, March 24, 2007

New printer

I am not going to mention the job because I am really hating it - the days are so long and boring, and going from being the teacher in charge to the nursery nurse who's biggest reponsibility was emptying the bins because the student was away is really difficult.

On a brighter front though the official wedding photos have arrived. The blokey chap has put the whole lot on a disc at high quality definition, and waived his copywrite. This is brilliant as it means I can play to my hearts content with them in photoshop. He has done quite a good job of them for the price (I still think mine are better) but many of them need cropping in as he hasnt always zoomed in and in many he hasnt really grasped the Rule of Thirds and eye level of people is way too low. Here is one I have already had a bit of a play with.

On thursday my all in one printer/scanner gave up the ghost, refusing to turn on or when it did refusing to communicate with the computer so on a recommendation from Scrapdolly I went out and got an Epson R265. I have never had a photoprinter before and am blown away with the quality of the photos it prints out. I cant wait for my next day off now because I think finally my mojo is going to return and I with all these new photos I am going to be back in my scrapping room cutting and sticking to my hearts desire!

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