Sunday, March 18, 2007

Its a job

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the wedding photo's. I have been in that anticlimax state this week and not really felt like blogging but I do need to add some news.

I mentioned that I had a job interview. It was a little odd as it was for Deputy Manager in a local nursery but just before the closing date the Manager rang me to say that she was unsure if my QTS would cover NVQ Level 3. Apparently the qualification could be tracked and she kindly gave me all the contact numbers to do it, but she also said this could take up to a month to do, and she didnt want to risk Ofsted by employing me without being sure. So we left it at that but on Monday she rang again to 'offer me an interview anyway'. I found this odd if she wasnt going to employ me but thought I would go along for the experience. I didnt really think I would get it anyway as I have no experience of Management or Birth to 3 but you have to try these things.

It was a strange semi/casual interview with some questions quite strange. I didnt feel I had done well so was not surprised when she phoned on Thursday to say I had not got the job, but would I like to come and work in the pre-school room on a temp/cover basis. Now this is way below what I am qualified and experienced to do and the money is bare minimum wage BUT I would loose my benifits if I turned it down so I agreed. There are also some peculiar circumstances as to why I was offered the job as well (but that is confidential for now) but she did let me know that she was also interviewing 2 people who already worked for the Nursery for the Deputy job - it would appear that I never stood a chance in the first place. I have my suspicions that I am only being used for cover while the Manager has a two week holiday.

I must admit to an uneasy - no - panicky feeling about the whole thing. Not the actual job, I could do that in my sleep, but the strange situation, the hidden agenda that is obviously behind it all, settling for a job paying such a small percentage of my real earning potential, and yes, actually going back to work when it is a job I dont really want to do. But on the positive side it will mean I no longer have to state the school and all its problems as my last employer, its a little bit more experience and it earns some pocket money.

Watch this space!

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