Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wedding day.

I am feeling much better today so as promised - photos and account of the day. Kelly 'left' from her bessie friend and chief bridesmaid's house so it was very calm at our house, for the morning anyway.
Back view of wedding gown

Laura (second bridesmaid) ha
d stayed over at Wayne's for the night and had promised to be back at half twelve to have her bath, get ready and drive us to the church. She decided on the spur of saturday morning though to go and have her hair curled so both her and Wayne turned up at 1 oclock, neither of them bathed or changed! Despite the panic to get us all ready and in the car on time we managed to look reasonably presentable as we walked out the door. We managed to get lost on the way to dropped Martin off at Helen's (thank goodness for mobile phones)and arrived at the church on time.
Laura, Wayne and the two grandfathers outside the church.

I did very well, only having to choke back tears when the wedding party walked up the aisle - but then I think that was my perogative since as well as my radiant baby in her beautiful gown,
there was also hubby in his tails and Laura the most prettyiest of the bridesmaids! The vicer was a lovely old boy who had lots of little jokes that broke the ice and got everyone relaxing.
Signing the register

The sun shone, the sky was blue, there was a little bit of breeze and there were tons of smiling faces.

Leaving the church.

Some little ironies/incidents:

The council must have a sense of humour - the building right next to the church is a home for battered wives!

5 Mins before leaving for the church, the chief bridesmaid discovered the zip on her dress had broken. She was upstairs and Kelly was downstairs in a hooped wedding dress and the only one free to move up and down stairs was Kelly's dad who no way was going to attempt to mend the zip on a semi clad young bridesmaid!!

The hotel had forgotten to shut the door seperating the dinning area from the drinks/meeting room so people wandered off to their tables without doing the meet and greet/kissing and hugs past the wedding party so no one got introduced to each other which was a shame.

The guys were really nervous about their speeches but they all did really well, and I didnt get the traditional bouquet as given to mother of the bride by the groom but a lovely wheelbarrow planter (flat packed though).

Then it was the fun bit, good food, laughter, lots of drink, and dancing. A brilliant day all round.

The only real downside was the hotel. We stayed overnight but in one of the rooms below us there was obviously some sort of after party (from the other wedding event being held there) going on and it didnt finish until the dawn chorus. So no sleep for me for the entire night, which is why I have been so totally exhausted.

But it was very near to red nose day so to finish....


Beth said...

looks it was an amazing day.
I love the last photo the best

Kirsty said...

the last photo brought tears to my eyes - its just magic!!!!

beautiful daughter you have yizz, im so happy for you

Karen said...

Gorgeous photo - I *adore* that last photo with the big red noses, that's classic!

Jan said...

Looks Fab, Yizz. I envy you the Mother-of-the-bride thing. 3 daughters and it's never come my way (sniff sniff)
Love the red noses. Bet that causes confusion in 50 years time!!

Suzanne said...

Great stories there and so well told Yizz, I had to smirk at the home next to the church though!

Gorgeous photos of a lovely day and the red nose photo is fab!

Shirley said...

I love the red nose photo best!

amber jane said...

Loving the pics Yizz - looks like a fab day :)

Cath said...

What a lovely day it looks - gorgeous bride. Like Kirsty I love the last photo - thats a fab shot!