Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Down in the village

I dont usually mention the schools I have been working in, confidentiality and all that, but I have just had 2 days of such a wonderful experience that I wanted to blog about it.

On Monday I got a rather late call asking me to go to a school quite a way away from me. I looked it up on multimap, printed out my route and set out. Having managed to fight my way through Canterbury I was soon way out in the countryside, and someone had taken all the road name signs away! Now when I say way out, I mean way out, soon all I could see in every direction was fields and hedgerow!

When I finally found it, there was one road (which incidently was a dead end) about 15/20 houses, a village hall, a very very small school, a church and a cricket field! And is was all very Miss Read, with only 3 classes for the whole of the primary, and in total 56 children.

On my first afternoon it was games, and I took a total of 6 children along the country lane to the cricket ground to play tag rugby. It was fantastic, like taking your own children to the park!

I had a wonderful time there.

And on my last day it was book week, so I got to dress up as Mrs Twit!!!

Other good stuff this week:

I have an interview for a full time permenant job on wednesday.

Laura has moved back in with Wayne, they are renting a bungalow until the next new build is finished.

I've acually managed to get my dad something for his birthday (mum and I went shopping in Canterbury on Saturday

A big box of Hero Arts stamps that I won on ebay turned up, I am still wading my way through them all (sadly guy put the wrong price on the shipping form and I got stuck for customs charges but hope to claim those back)

I found a brilliant blog and have been trying out heaps of techniques from it. I will blog more as soon as I take a photo of the LO I have been working on for 8 days now. I have had such fun trying out new stuff.

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