Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not to be square

Last year I made a few of my homemade christmas cards in a square formate but they are still sitting in my box this year because I couldnt find any matchinge envelopes for sale. I could get them online but for the few envelopes I needed the postage was going to be more than using them was worth.

So this year I started out using C6 formate, but as I trawled all the card making blogs, sketch challenges and card forums it seems that more and more people are turning to square cards. While I admit working on a square is much easier than a long rectangle, and it does seem that all the new stamps are sized more ready to use on a larger square card, its still a matter of economics to me.

It stacks up like this, an A4 bit of card (bought in a £4.99 box from the papermill) will cut into 2 rectangular cards but only 1 square card. Since I am still wading through paper scraps from 2 years ago to decorate the extra I need on a larger card wont really count, but then we come to the envelopes. The cheapest place I have found them on line is 6p an envelope which when bought in a bulk lot of 100 comes to £7.20 with P&P. I still cant seem to find any square ones to buy locally but C6 envelopes bought in my local market at the stationary stall (where incidently I can see the quality and colour before buying) would work out at 98p!!!!!!!

So here are a few I have made which are going to fit in my cheap envelopes :lol:

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lyzzydee said...

What you need is crafters companion envelope maker!!! It allows you to make envelopes to any size with any old bit of paper you have. My son made some out of a beano a few years ago!!