Saturday, October 04, 2008

That was the week that was ...

reasonably uneventful.

Oh apart from thevery short lived stay of Danny the dog.

This is the sad story of Danny

Little Danny seemed a lovely little lad, very friendly, easy going and just suited. Mum and Dad bought him home and settled in with him.

On Sunday he had a bit of a growl at my mum for attempting to get him down off the furniture but nothing much so they thought it just settling in nerves.

In the afternoon he chased a cat into the garden and ended up in the pond. He allowed my mum to dry him off with the hairdryer, even letting her pull up his tail and dry underneath. He was as good as gold.

Then he got on his blanket, but he was still wet and his bedding needed sorting out, so my mum called him back out of his little corner. He refused to move, my dad tried, he still refused, my dad made motioning instructions with his hands re-inforcing the instruction.

And the little dog went mental, grabbing onto my dad's arm with his teeth, growling, the lot!!! My mum tried to beat him off with the newspaper, in the end it was only by covering him with the table cloth that he finally let go of my dad's arm.

Monday a very upset pair of parents had to take him back to the sanctuary Reading between the lines, my mum seems to think this may not be the first time he has been returned to them.

My dad says he doesnt want a dog just now.

I did a day and a half supply work in a lovely little village school, I did some gardening, (winter pruning and tidying up) I made a few LO's, did a little bit of scrap shopping (new tapes for my ATG gun and some Bo Bunny papers) and we sanded and re-oiled the kitchen work top.

So the week that was reasonably uneventful.

A double Layout using some really old Junkits and even older freebie paper from a mag. Technique for frame on my scrappy blog.

More from the Goose fair, at Challock. Lots of Crate Paper this time round.

And finally this week's Pencil Lines sketch.

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lyzzydee said...

Whoops about the dog!!!