Friday, October 31, 2008

Yaaaaaawn! How can life be so boring?

I haven't blogged because there hasnt been anything to blog about. Life really has been one long whirl of filling time, mainly with housework. I havent yet degenerated to day time tv but feel it wont be long :(

Today lots of good news though. Laura has made it up with Wayne and her engagement ring is back on her finger, they have sold the house and moved into rented - a fairly decent sized two bed bungalow opposite to where they were already living - and are waiting on planning before starting on the new building project.

Jan came over to visit and update on Joey's progress. I last spoke to Jan in June, just after Father's Day when Jo was able to turn over on her own and was progressing with her speach, so I was really overjoyed to hear that she has made enough progress to be able to come home for weekends, is doing lots for herself, walking with the aid of crutches and getting out and about a bit in a wheelchair. Brilliant brilliant news!!! :D

Poor Jan is run off her feet looking after Jo, three horses, the rest of her family and house as well as holding down a full time teaching job. Its a bit ironic since I am climbing the walls from bordom.

Anyway I have been crafting and its about time I shared.

About 6 weeks back I discovered the wonderful wonderful talent of Irene Tan, who has a brilliant blog full of new and exciting techniques. I thought I would try a few out. I worked on this Lo for 6 days, and then before I had finished it Irene was chosen as a guest for Pencil Lines. Rather dispiriting for me she said in her interview that a LO takes her from 1.5 to 2 hours! I was still working on mine so I was a bit reluctant to share. I really am pleased with the result though so here it is for me to crow!
Full details and credits on my other blog!

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