Thursday, October 23, 2008

No new job

I had an interview yesterday.

I was in two minds about the job as it was full time and I dont really want (or think I can cope) with a full time job but in all honesty there are so few teaching jobs about in this area at the moment. I dont know how the government work out their figures but there is certainly no shortage of teachers where I live. 4 years ago the local Teaching Uni prided itself in getting 96% of its students into posts by September, 2 years ago the figure had dropped to 45%. Vacancies that struggled to get 3 or 4 applicants now have double figures. So all in all I was lucky to be even shortlisted.

When I arrived one of the other candidates were there. We each had to be observed working with a group of 10 children from reception. I had bought a tried and tested book and intended doing some drama with them. The other lady had been very brave and bought ice balloons!!!!!

My lesson went ok, but it wasnt brilliant, however I hope I showed my skills in communicating with the children, coping with the two who crawled all over me, the book and the computer I was using. They all joined in and seemed to enjoy it.

The formal interview was very laid back and didnt seem to have any hidden questions. They seemed to concentrate more on how I worked with other adults than how I taught or my experiences.

But at the end of the day the inevitable phone call arrived saying someone else had been chosen for the post. When I asked for feedback the Head struggled to come up with something, going back to consult his notes, stuttering, long silences before he finally said that in my lesson I could have read the text rather than paraphrased. Showed how much notice he took, as the only parts I paraphrased were the pages I couldnt see for the youngster who was attempting to take the book from me (there was no chair in the room and I had had to sit on the floor with the children), oh and I could have put the text on the pictures I was using on the powerpoint - again nit picking since the pictures were not to enhance the story but to discuss ready for the drama bit, so text here not relevent. And that was it - no other reason for dismissing me and giving the other woman the job.

So once again I come to the conclusion that as the more experienced teacher I am also the most expensive. The other candidate had years and years experience as a TA and was newly qualified. So with as many years working with children behind her as me but at only a third the salary, I can see why they would go for her over me (plus lets face it she had been brave enough to bring in ice balloons!)

She was a lovely lady, I liked her the minute I started to chat with her before the interview, I wish her lots of luck. But I am soooooo fed up with the whole process. It takes me a good day to write an application form. If called for interveiw it takes another day to prepare the lesson and to drive round to find where the school is. Another day in interviews and then waiting for the results phone call.

I have now sorted all my hero arts stamps from ebay, I stamped images onto the back of cd cases and they are all stored away. I am covered in stazon ink for the trouble but there are some fantasic stamps and I have filled 12 cd boxes, an A4 RUB and still have a set of acyrilic stamps in a wallet to add to that little lot.

I have been busy altering stuff for the advent swap and stocking swap that I join every year with my Pad pals so although my desk is a total mess there is nothing I can share yet.

Now I wonder if I will get called for supply today ........

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