Saturday, November 01, 2008

Latest craze - Baking tray advent calender

Scrapdolly (and a few others including Andrea and her mum) have made some fantastic Baking Tray advent calendars, based on a 'glue and stick' class held by Gail /Efemera who has kindly shared the dimentions with a few of her pad friends, and I thought I would join in too. I really love the PC Hugz Christmas tiles Dolly used but being me and a tad mean I decided to try making my own, and sharing. Here are the first few (its slow going) and I will continue to upload as I finish them.

I have made all from scratch - after spending ages finding tuts to get the chalky effect, and all the images come from kits by Kitz found on this blog.

JPEG form so just right click and save image as.

For those of you following the link from the UKS front page you need to go to my main pages to get the rest of the images. Click here


Jane said...

thanks for these, would love to have a go at making the advent calender. I'm also keen to try some of the techniques on your last layout!
Thanks again xx

lyzzydee said...

Yizz these are beautiful!! How would I use them beng a bit fick and missing in action or a while now!!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Thanks so much for sharing these - they are gorgeous!

Di said...

These are fabulous, thank you so much for sharing.