Sunday, November 23, 2008

I hate snow, and birdhouses.

so I wasnt best pleased to look out the window and see this today

I wasnt impressed on seeing the new 'structure' the neighbours have built overnight - it wasnt there on Friday, and I am pretty sure they should have got planning permission.

The local theatre/hall holds a craft fair every year at this time, a chance for local crafters to sell their products. Mum and I have been going along for about 6 years now. The first time we went there was a terrific atmospher, low lighting, christmas music and some wonderful makes. Sadley each year the whole thing has gone downhill as more and more 'traders' have taken stalls and of those stalls given over to crafters either they are not of quality or there is no variety and you end up facing a whole row of knitted elves. And every year the weather has been appauling, with rain and driving winds.

This year not only was no exception, it was worse than ever. Mum nearly lost the car door to the wind when we parked, and the show was a total disappointmen., We didnt even stop for a coffee this time and I dont think we will be bothering next year. A shame because I know there are some very talented crafters about and this would be a great showcase for them.

I came home and since I tidied all the house yesterday I was able to spend some time crafting. These are what I have been busy with. The template is on Capture the magic site and the lesson is by Nichole Heady. I have used BG Blitzen Wonderland, and as I had no nestibility, used my scalloped scissors to cut the roof from Papermill card. I then coated the roofs with snow glitter, and punched out holly leaves around the hole I cut with a coluzzle.

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