Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A toot, an apology and more calendar

Thank you to whoever pointed out to MA on UKS that I was giving out these advent calendar pics, I am now proudly displayed and linked on the UKS home page!!Along with Soojay, Emerfera, and Scrapdolly its like a Pad Feast of recognition and I am so proud to be mentioned alongside these fab girls.

There are more pics coming in a sec, but I have to apologise to my Son-in-law again) for omitting to mention that a week ago Sunday the family were invited over to dinner. Unlike Brucie I am doddery. doddery I am and alongside dyslexia I dont really stand much chance of remembering my name let alone the day's events. One reason I have a blog, and I am glad at least one member of my family is reading it and reminding me if I forget things or get them wrong.

It was dad's birthday (see I forgot to mention that too!) so we were all invited over for a delish lamb and roast veggie lunch.
Ollie had picked out a 'diy' decorated cake for afterwards, and although the icing was naff, the cake was nice (thankyou sainsburys).

Dad was given his presents (and I am going to write here what he got as he always asks what we got him 'last year' and I can never remember) a dvd player from Kelly and Ollie, a winter shirt from Laura and Wayne and I had bought him flannelette PJ's, mum having sported out for theartre tickets to see a Flannagan and Allan tribute.
We also got to see Kez's and Oll's new HD tv in action. I cant say I was that impressed, but the guy's were - which may have been down to the footie content rather than picture quality though.

We did have a small smirk though as it was the weekend that the clocks went back and Wayne and Laura forgot! They had rushed around doing their shopping thinking they were late for their lunch only to arrive an hour ahead of time!!

OK promised pics

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