Thursday, November 20, 2008

Filling gaps

Filling gaps in my blog.

There has been only one day of supply work since before half term and I was getting really low about it. Bless my darling Laura, she came round to find me nearly in tears with worry about virtually everything so sat me down and we did some straight talking. She has promised to take me into school with her after Christmas to do some observation in a secondary school. Maybe this will give me the confidence to apply for some Science teaching jobs with older children.

Her chat also gave me the push to finally go ahead and sign up for the Childoodcarer course. I dont have a problem with knowing I could do this, just I was worried about loosing my teaching career but as she said, what was I getting out of being a teacher anyway, that I couldnt get from looking after kids at home? Good point, so lets go for it.

I have also applied for a couple of jobs so its back to playing the waiting game.

Other gaps to fill ...

Martin and I took ourselves off to Dover Castle for a second time, as last week there was better weather and our English Heritage Membership cards are burning a hole. Dad told me that he had heard part of the castle was being renivated but when I looked on the website there was no mention. When we arrived there was still no mention on notice boards, only as we checked in at the gate did the lady mention (after insisting on scanning both our cards) that the second and third floor were shut.

What she failed to mention was that everything else was also shut, only the shop and the siege room were open. Consequently it only took as an hour to wander around, avoiding the french children on an outing and get fed up. We then went into Dover itself to see if we could find something to eat. It took us two trips round the town to find a place to park, 10 mins to walk down the rather seedy tatty highstreet, 3 mins in Macdonalds, and that says something about the variety of eating houses because we NEVER do Maccy Dee, and then another 5 in the car park muching our Deli. Not much of a day out, but still a day out.

Wayne and Laura have started employing me as a dog walker twice a week, Bailey is a beautiful dog and so good on his lead, and combined with dad deciding that he will also walk his little Whiskey dog, and me tagging along I have done plenty of walks this last two weeks.

On saturday my baby Kelly was feeling rather sorry for herself with a cough and sniffles so I ran over to sittingbourne while Ollie was at work for a cuppa, managing to stay for over an hour, and stopping her revising. We had a good old fashioned play with Billy as he was proudly showing off the new jumper Kelly had just finished knitting him. He now wants another jumper! And denims!

Another gap

Back to organising the wedding, but the venue we all thought was sorted has hit Laura with a huge price for the bar drinks. Part of the deal is that we use the guy's own barman who we were told was very reasonable. HUH! I dont know what planet £4 a pint and £3.50 a glass of wine is reasonable on, and £20 per person for a drinks package?!!!? Anyway its back to the drawing board and last night we went to look at a converted barn that is being let out as a holiday home. It has been renivated to a really high spec...not my cup of tea as I dont think old barns look right done up to a contemporary style but should be more traditional. Laura had hoped that we could hold the whole wedding inside the barn, the lounge certainly was big enough at 60x40 ft, but the owner eventually talked herself out of this and insists that Laura uses a marquee at least for the eating part. As this defeats the object of hiring a barn in the first place, we were all rather dissapointed and are back to haunting the net in the hopes of finding somewhere else.

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