Friday, November 07, 2008

This time last year.

I have been feeling really down the last, week, supply work has been non-existant, there seems to be more month than money at the moment and the weather has been pretty poor. This morning, I started to read back through my blog in an attempt to try and find the Christmas A-Z prompts I did for the pad girls last year (and do not seem to have backed up anywhere). I came across my blog entry for about this time last year, where I was feeling exactly the same as now! At the time I wondered if I was suffering from SAD It seems too much of a coincidence and it would seem I really do suffer from it, and I guess it must take me longer than most to get over the changing of the clocks.

Anyway I am determined to not let it get me down too much and I have lots of stuff to update on here, so I apologise for a somewhat lengthy post.

Last week, while it was half-term, I finally got to catch up with my mate Jan, the mum of Joey who came off her horse early this year. Well there was plenty of positive news. Jo is making good progress and is now able to come home at weekends! She is still hampered physically by her lack of muscle strength and the extra time it takes her brain to tell her muscles to move, and although in a wheelchair there are lots of things she is able to do. The hospital are hoping to get her moving on crutches rather than on the frame she can use at the moment as the frame is not doing her posture any good.

As well as that her hubby Trevor who had to have a valve replaced in his heart has now improved enough to return to work, and since he is a driver/delivery man this is great news. Other good news, Wayne and Laura have put the wedding back on the agenda, still for next July but at a slightly reduced scale. So looks like my diet is back on the books too.

I also have a whole heap of Christmas cards made and want to share, but I need to go away and read the camera manual as the white balance is wrong somehow and most photos are coming out too dark.

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