Friday, January 06, 2012

366 - no go

I'm still having no luck with Photo 366, I am beginning to think I must either have a total lack of imagination or perhaps its because I really dont want to be recording stuff that really has no meaning or connection for me.

The next prompts have been

Day 4 Pretty. I probably could have come up with something for this one except I didnt remember to check the prompt until the following day.

Day 5 excitement, well the most exciting thing that happened all day was the christmas tree which I had put outside ready for collection next week, blowing down the road in the gale. I had to go collect it, but it was certainly too cold and windy to stop to take a photo

Day 6 Frost. Well our temps on the SE coast didnt get below 3 degrees last night and with the sea wind speeds there was no hope of any frost. Some people baked cup cakes and took photos of the frosting but we are still wading through the Christmas cake and diets start next week. Someone did take a photo of their fridge freezer .. but I dont really want a photo of ours.

However I do have better hopes for Snap 2012, another photography challenge on UKScrappers. It is going to have weekly themes, this weeks being cold, so I have started with a photo of myself wearing my new Fedora ready to go out and brave the winter clime.

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