Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Life - take 2

I was gaily going along with my Project Life page but I wasnt very happy with my journalling cards. I had collected together a variety of bits that would work from all the digi stuff on my hard drive and going free on line but when I put them into photoshop and tried to match colours it just wasnt working for me.

I had intended using the K&Co 6x6 pads and then print out cards to go with the papers but I wasnt really happy with the results. I then remembered I had been saving some Websters Pages (6x6 and 12x12) for that extra special LO (as you do).

I am much happier with the end result, and when I looked in my diary I found I did have enough photos to cover all of week 1 (I thought I would have to do a whole month for each double LO but its not worked out like that, and I may be able to even do a title page for each month.

Mind this page has still taken me ages, but hopefully now I know what I want to achieve it will get faster as time goes by.

In other news:
I sent an email to another agency in the hope of being signed up and getting a bit of work

Martin ordered his new car on Tuesday. He has one of those deals where you pay off the finance for 3 years at the end of which you decide to pay off the rest in a lump sum, give the car back or carry on paying the same monthly amount and have a new car. He decided to upgrade to a 5 door pergeot in red to replace his 3 door blue model but nothing else has changed in the three years he has had his.

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