Friday, January 13, 2012


I've never done a sew-a-long before, but in a determined effort to lean better sewing and fitting I am going to attempt all the five patterns in the Colette sewing handbook. I had altered my pattern and went out to buy material.

I had intended buying some cheap stuff to make a 'wearable' muslin (I think most of the stuff I have ever made myself have been wearable muslins really lol) but the only fabric I found that was even half suitable, they didnt have enough on the roll to complete the project. In the end I managed to get some beautiful chocolate coloured cordroy fabric with embroidery and hand sewn sequins on it. So now I have to make sure I get the fit right from an old sheet.

Anyway while waiting for the fabric to arrive I discovered that Sarah over on Rhinestones and Telephones is arranging a sew-a-long for all the items from the book, in order!

Today she posts about measuring and altering the pattern pieces and on a second check already I discover I may have been too heavy handed in my waist alteration, and also that I do need to do the hip alteration. I was also wondering about the length alteration but she has covered that too, so I will be back playing with my pattern bits before cutting out my muslin.

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