Monday, January 09, 2012

Mum's birthday

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. A present for once was easy as she had decided money would be in order so that she could buy some new clothes.

We had intended to all go over to her's in the afternoon carrying our gifts and Laura was to order some fancy cupcakes for the occasion as a surprise added treat. She got another surprise though when Kelly and Ollie invited them up to Croydon for lunch, so we had to tell her of our plan and they then agreed to go to Laura's on their way back from Kelly and Ollie's instead.

I made this card for her, a scraplift from one of Bev's LOTV cards but using one of my own stamps. I was rather pleased with how well it turned out.

As it turned out although the cakes looked amazing, they were actually quite naff, Wayne and I couldnt eat ours at all, so next time we are getting Kelly to make them for us!!

In the evening I had been invited along to the leaving do of one of the girls who works for Martin. It was only to Weatherspoons but for once the food was really nice, so I got a steak supper and some pleasant company for a couple of hours. The only down side was that yet again the stupid Sky plus box refused to record for me, and I missed episode 2 of Sherlock. I dont watch much telly so when it does this is it really annoying as the programs I do want to watch are carefully selected. So this morning Martin gave Sky a bit of a rocket.

Sky is being a right pain at the moment, there is a BT Open line being picked up by my software, which is not not secure and even though I have blocked it, every time whoever is using it logs on, it cuts across my broadband width and kills my connection. I have to constantly repair my IP addy just to keep connected and it is driving me potty!!

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poppykettle said...

That's a gorgeous card! Good luck on fitting your Meringue :)