Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Once more UKscrappers are running their 365/6 photograph challenge, an attempt to get us all using our cameras more. Each day a prompt goes up on the blog site and we all have a go at interpreting it with an every day occurance photo.

I got bored with it last year but as I hadnt been using my camera much in the last 3 months - or blogging either, and want to get back to doing both, I thought I would give it another shot. So here we are, day 3 and already I have failed miserably!!

Day 1 prompt word was CELEBRATE with the question 'How are you celebrating New Year. The web site was abound with photos of champagne and fluted glasses, streamers, fireworks. I was totally stumped though because we simply didnt celebrate. For 2 reasons, firstly in the last three years any effort we have made has just fallen flat (last year's golf club event) but more importantly because Morrisons do not recognise bank holidays and because Martin had lost his banked day, he was in the middle of working a 7 day straight. By ten I was in bed reading and he was on the settee snoring, and on New Years Day he was back in the garage by 8.30 and I was playing home alone. Not only that I had some sort of virus that had left me feeling totally exhausted for 5 days. Urgo? No day 1 photo

Day 2 was the word NEW, interpret how you wish. Mmm, well I had had some new toys for Christmas and they were all lovely and what I wanted but nothing really stood out apart from my new PC game that refused to install on my laptop because of incompatible graphic card issues. The other things had been books and tools for scrapping and sewing, great pressies but nothing I really wanted to take a photo of. So Day 2, no photo.

On to Day 3, today. Today the prompt is UGLY - just when I was starting to feel more positive and ready to start the new year properly. I simply refuse to even think about ugly in my present mood. Hence Day 3... no photo!!!

Today I am under instructions from Wayne to take Laura out and make her spend some money on new clothes and boots. Its blowing a hoolie and the rain is lashing down and we have to wait for the Sky engineers but if I can get her as far as one shop I will ... watch this space!!!

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