Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Film

It being January and all there has really not been much to blog about as we are all in hibernation mode. I have been busy sewing chair pads (repurposing Ikea cushions) and painting dining room chairs. Sunday I even commandiered one of the nesting coffee tables and tried my hand at a scrapbook pa(unfinished).

Today has been a bit eventful though. Laura and I along with Finley took baby Beckett along to his first cinema experience. Our (not so local) cinema were holding a babe-in-arms screening of Bug Hero 6. When Finley was around the same age we had taken him to a similar event at Canterbury Odean but it had not been that successful as we were not allowed buggies upstairs where the screening was, they had to be first left in a locked room which we had to wait for a member of staff to open. Then we had to carry baby, baby chair and all his associated paraphanalia up 2 flights of stairs. On top of this they also dimmed the lights making it really difficult to either feed or change our babies.

T oday's experience was totally different. The cinema is independently owned in an historic building with a tiny lobby and only 3 screens. The sound was not on full blast so as to protect small ears and the lights were kept up all through so that toddlers were safe to move around if they couldnt manage the entire film time. Finley had a bit of a melt down at the start as he thought it was going to be too loud but he soon settled down and really enjoyed it. Beckett drank his bottle of milk and then was sound asleep for the rest of the film!

I, of course was rather glad to get out of the house for more than one reason. Martin had started the day by drilling through a perfectly good water pipe, flooding and the newly installed plaser board and having to call for a plumber, Of course our bloke would be on holiday wouldnt he, so another had to be found and pretty fast. Srill by the time we drove home through the oncoming snow blizzard, peace and water had been restored and Martin was busy filling in more holes ready for the plastering.

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