Thursday, January 15, 2015

Into the woods

We went to see Into the Woods on Sunday. Neither of us had seen (or to be honest even heard of) the stage production and so did not have any preconcieved ideas of what it might be like. We were pleasantly surprised mainly because we do enjoy a good stage musical. Lots of people coming out after the film could be heard having a little moan and muttering negative comments but I think that many did not realise there would be quite so much singing and that the lyrics would actually need to be listened to in order to follow the plot. Ipanelf you can cope with that though then I highly recommend the film as it has a great plot and the acting is not too shabby!

I finally got some work, two days in a school in Dover and then a day and a half this week in two different schools. We were on our way to buy wood and skirting board to do a bit more on the dining room when I got the half day call so Martin ended up chasing electric plugs down the wall from where they were placed at shoulder height (eh?) and the wood still needs to be bought.

Yesterday Laura and I had a run out to Sandwich to buy yet more Annie Sloan paint. Honestly I think I am on about the 12th pot for this house. so far I have painted:

skirting boards and dado rails in lounge, hall, kitchen, master bedroom and kitchen
15 panel glass doors  x 5 sides
7 sides paneled doors
a computer table
a tall billy bookcase
a mag rack
set of nesting tables
two double pine wardrobes
2 bedside drawer units
2 standard lamps
a 7 drawer chest of drawers
a jug
3 dining room chairs
glass coffee table
a few picture frames
a couple of doorstops

I'm getting quite good at it now lol

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