Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sewing and films

Saturday was not a great day as the tooth/ear ache continued all day, but on the plus side a duvet day allowed me to watch a few movies I had not managed to catch in 2014. 

Noah was an interesting take on the tale in the bible and I loved that it did actually adress some of the questions I had wondered about. On the other hand it did introduce some very strange concepts far outside the original source and I would also suggest that if they are going to film most of the picture inside a dark ark they find some better way of lighting because for half the movie I couldn't actually see what was going on.

The Lego Movie came highly recommended by my eldest but to be honest half the time I didn't really understand what the Lego characters were saying to each other and that made the plot a little hard to follow. I think I will stick with Wreck it Ralph LOL

I finished the day with Frozen. I had watched it on my phone before although the songs had been scrambled in the youtube version I caught so I was pleased when Sky Demand allowed me to watch a full version. The songs are irritating after a while but I dont think its actually too bad a film. 

Yesterday Martin was off (because he has to work today Boo) so Christmas went in the box, a few more tiles came off the walls and then we had a lovely lunch at the local Marsden's eatery with Ollie and Kelly. Great to catch up as we hadnt really seen them since Boxing day. They are busy painting their study so we spent a while swapping DIY experiences. 
We hadnt been home long when Laura and Wayne plus the boys turned up. They had been out to a family do on Waynes side and had turned up for a cuppa to round off their day. Not many jobs got done but we did have a lovely day with both our girlies. xx

As I cant get to my craftie stuff yet (most is still boxed up in the attic even though we have been here nearly 18 months) I am resorting to other crafts. At the moment I have a xstitch on the go, last years christmas present

 and some hooky, a full size blanket done in a vintage fan zigzag.

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