Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello good old blogger. There you are, still sitting waiting in the background for me to update you.
The trouble is so much has happened over the last two years its impossible to update properly and so I keep ignoring you as the task becomes more and more daunting.

No longer!

Lets just not bother updating and start all over afresh!

So second day of a new year and here I am, sitting awake at an obscure time in the morning, with an  ear-ache, not a particularly good start to the ear.  I  refuse to allow negativity onto this blog though so lets focus on the positive things that have started the year off.

  • I started my walking program. So far I covered the day before New Year's eve, tromping rounf the cemetry opposite on a cold breezy morning for 12 mins.  (Yes I know I am so unfit but a start is better than no start), and then New Year's eve a brisker walk with Martin to see if we could discover our nearest BT green box as we were being converted to Infinity Broadband. We didnt find it but keeping up with Martin is a very good workout. 
  • New Year's Eve Martin had to work so I spent the day chipping tiles and two layers of painted anaglypta paper off the walls in the "ex kitchen soon to be a dining room" room.  I guess that was in leui of a work-out too as the previous tiler has used a pot of adhesive for every tile.
  • Yesterday I spent the day taking christmas down ready to go in the box. It took the whole day as we have 7 (yes 7) whole boxes of decorations including 3 christmas trees and umpteen strings of lights. To be fair I did used to have to decorate a classroom as well as a house which is where many of the decs have come from (including 1 of the trees), and one box is just christmas teddies the girls acumilated over the years. Last year I fell in love with a winter wonderland I saw in the garden centre and so spent for ever making and buying white decorations, only to be told by the family they prefered the mish mash of christmas colours (they didnt actually notice that across the years there had been themes, oh well) so it was back to finding all the red, gold, silver and green. Have you noticed how difficult it is to find traditional green decorations in the shops? oh not the lime/light green that is all the rage but dark Kelly/forest green. Anyway all down and finished with for another year :(.

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