Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January, sick and tired.

Martin and I had a little debate. Seems although I hate January and February with a passion he actually quite likes the two wintery months after Christmas.

Me, I think they drag by with little to look forward to and not much to do. Sunday Martin had to work the second of his two sundays over the Christmas period. Since he has already had to work New Years Day as an extra, and New Years eve as it was his turn, I am getting pretty fed up of being alone. Left to my own devises and completely out of interesting films to watch on Sky Demand I attacked the floor tiles in the 'soon to be dining room'. It is looking a real mess now with no floor, badly plastered walls with umteen holes in it, and a gap in the ceiling. Keeping an image of how I want it to look is spuring me on though.

Yesterday I ventured out to Tesco, not because we needed anything but because schools were back, I had not been called into work, and I simply couldnt face another day staring at the four walls. Laura came over with the boys in the afternoon and we listened to Beckett continually grunting (never known a baby to do this but we couldnt find anything wrong with him and concluded he is just finding his voice) while playing pirate playmobile with Finley.

Strike one for me then, January dragging on with not much to do.

Martin on the other hand insists that January and February are all downhill to summer, showing the end of winter with longer daylight hours. Mmmm, We will see.

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