Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chip, chop, chip, chop, the last mans head!

Are you overly tall? straggly? brown? or even just in my way?

If so that is my criteria for chopping you down...........with my secateurs!

Yesterday - ALL yesterday - both Martin and I were out in the garden attacking the plant life. We hacked down large overgrown plants, trimmed hedges, pulled out weeds and even removed lots of bits of rubble and wood that have been hidden in the undergrowth for years. Now we can get in the shed without fear of being stung to death, see the fish from BOTH sides of the pond and easily find the right sized plant pot when we need it.

We have only done about a third of the garden but I really think we are winning!

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Cath said...

Ooo can you come do mine please, it's a bit of a jungle!