Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puffing Billy

This week's pencil lines sketch, recording another of our days out during our fortnight holiday that I never got round to recording on my blog. Martin and I spent a day out at Tenterton Steam Railway. It was a beautiful sunny day and we spent the time looking at all the old engines before slowly being steam driven all the way along the preserved line, through beautiful english countryside.

The train stops at three stations and at the final one we got off intending taking a little touring trip of Bodium Castle but first we wanted to eat so we went in the only place in the tiny village, a pub. It was packed and we had to sit inside the dingy saloon because the garden (although really big and spacious) didnt have enough tables. The food was really overpriced, was bearly eatable and took nearly an hour to get to our table (and we only had a ploughmans each!). By the time we left the pub we were in no mood to be fleeced for more extortionate amounts to get into what was no more than the castle walls so we walked round the outside for free, and then seeing the large black rain clouds bearing down on us, decided to run for the early train.

Ok so this is where I realised just how unfit and overweight I am.

Anyway back in Tenterton, we hunted the lovely little shops for some reasonably priced jam jars so I try out my bread making machine for its other purpose - jam making.

The train was really good though.

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