Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scrap and turf

Ooooh lots to blog and not really feeling like blogging it, but I do need to get it all down.

So Tuesday, since the Dishwasher repair man was coming out (yet again, he must have rebuilt this piece of white goods trash at least 3 times over, this time it was the rotary water arm which had broken.) on Wednesday and we would have to wait in all day for him , I downloaded directions from Multimap and off we went to Ashford to see where a couple of schools with vacanies were.

Since both of them led us to the outskirts of the celebrated and infamous part of Ashford, Martin decided neither were for me, and we ended up in the outlet centre instead, where we bought trainers for me, and polo shirts for Mart, a few bits in the Papermill and (on the way back via Canterbury) a new game for the Wii (4x4 Monster trucks) and a pair of flip flops (posh ones) for me.

Wednesday was the start of UKS's summer scrap event so while I scrapped, Martin rubbed down the kitchen work top and then played golf..

The first class I did , some cute index cards which were meant to go in a little plastic purse, but without the kit I had to improvise and made my own box.
Wednesday ( I really should have done all this as I went along LOL) I dont remember that we did much but I did scrap a little more. This is more Chatterbox because its another for the wedding album. Honest I am getting there with it.

Thursday was spent making phone calls to Jan to work out what time we were leaving, whose car we would be taking and what to include in the picnic. Yes we were off to the races. It seemed to take all day to make salads, cakes (all home made) and other goodies. We were late for the first two races because Martin drove and forgot there was cricket going on in Canterbury so we got caught in the traffic coming out of the County ground.

Its always a bit of a rushed wirlwind trying to fit everything in at the races. With only 30 mins between each race, and not wanting to put a bet on until we have seen the gee gees parading around the ring, getting to the tote and then to the stands leaves you a little breathless but we really enjoyed it and our little flutters put us even on the night. Then the Queen tribute band (because it was Ladies Day and everyone had dressed up in their hats and finery). What can I say? They were ...... average! LOL!!!

Friday we were nearly at the end of the list of jobs I had made at the beginning of the week. Joking that I was the OFHOLS inspector Martin had been in special measures over his list on monday but had soon cracked on with them. We hired the carpet cleaner from B&Q and, driving the cat insane, I steamed carpets inside while Martin pressure hosed the patio. There was even time for more scrapping!!

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