Saturday, August 04, 2007

To celebrate

Yesterday was the last day at the nursery. At the moment it is running as a creche and we only had 11 children (with four staff, good ratio's LOL) so it was really boring for both the children and the staff. However they still all got together to surprise me with a little sing song, a bunch of flowers a box of chocs and cards made by the children. Even though I have not found the job to my taste or skills they are (in the main) great kids and lovely staff who all wanted me to stay on so although not sorry to be going I found it quite touching.

Anyway to celebrate being unemployed again I have done some digi scraping. Bit of a pain because the pc really does want a complete re-instal, it is running sooooo slow.

This is hubby in the Forest of Dean (note welly boots) which despite floods in Gloucster wasnt too wet. Mainly Miss Mint birthday kit with some home made brushes.

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