Saturday, August 25, 2007

Square foot gardening

NB - Just to note date down somewhere, today I signed on at the job centre (again).

Yesterday I got to read my book all on Square Foot Gardening that I had bought from ebay. I had been told about this method of gardening by my friend in Wales who was trying it (with mixed results) on her very furtile welsh valley garden. I could immediately see the logic of planting just a few of each seed/plant variety in a square foot - after all it was something I had already sort of dabbled with by growing the odd cabbage in the flower bed or by planting each seed in a row in the seed tray to save me having to thin out later. So intriged I sort more info, found the book advertised , bid and won my own copy.

I was hooked from page one and now cant wait to get started so yesterday since Martin was off, I dragged him to B&Q where we found some cheapish skirting board packed just rignt to make 2 sets of the 4ftx4ft containers that you need to grow all your fresh organic goodness in. They didnt take long for him to make (it would have been even quicker if he had remembered to charge his drill/screwdriver) and then as luck would have it, dad phoned to say he had managed to get his hands on some really (dirt) cheap compost. I still need the vermiculite and the peat moss but I am sitting here with lots of little bits of paper trying to work out what wonderful things I am going to be munching on next summer!


Jen said...

Ooh you must take pictures when you have produce!! Are you coming to Ally Pally this year?

Heather said...

I wanna see pics too, that book sound fab!

Nominated you for some bloggee awards, they are on mine ;)