Sunday, August 05, 2007

We interupt this marriage to bring you the racing season

Martin wanted a BBQ so this morning I started the bread making machine at the unearthly hour of 8 oclock (since the guy delivering next door's newspapers had woken me up at 7 anyway). But then the weather turned so hot and muggy it took me most of the day to get the conservatory spick and span, the food bought and prepared and I never even got as far as doing any house work. Too hot to do much other than sit in the garden drinking water, I had just got up to make the salad when mum and dad turned up.
'We've bought an extra guest, guess who?' she said to me as I pulled my unbrushed and unclean face out of the fridge?
'Well I dont know but for heaven sakes tell me because I need to go and get washed and changed!' I exclaimed.
It turned out to be one of my 'long lost' cousins, whom I have only seen twice in the last 20 years! Both the house and me are a mess and he has 'dropped in' for a visit???!!!
Actually it was really great to see him although he and his wife only stayed for half an hour, despite there obviously being heaps of BBQ food. Mind you he wasnt allowed to go until all the men folk had been out and admired his Morgan sports car, and each of them had had a spin round the block. Stupidly I didnt get a photo op- but this is what it looked like.

As well as eating ourselves silly we also got on the 'net and booked a heap of tickets to go horseracing at Folkestone on Thursday. It is Ladies night and as well as dressing up in our gladrags, taking a picnic and enjoying the horses, there will also be a Queen tribute band.

So a racing themed afternoon all round!

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