Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another cold

I can't believe it but I have come down with another cold. I only had one 3 weeks ago and that one laid me pretty low, now I am feeling like death warmed up again.

I spent most of yesterday catching up some in my garden. Friday I pressure hosed the patio to get rid of the moss and weeds, and sorted out all the flower pots. Then yesterday I emptied the greenhous, planted up all the seedlings, and then filled the floor of the greenhouse with tomato plants and mel

on plants. I have to wait for DH to have a free day now to take the staging out so they have enough light to grow by.

Kelly and Ollie came by for lunch. They are going off to Ireland today to stay with Ollie's dad for half a week, so had bought Martin his tradional toberone down for Father's Day.

And Trevor had his heart operation on Wednesday and Jan has texted to say the hospital are pleased with him. My lot laughed and said thats unusual because normally no one is which was a bit harsh.

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