Monday, June 09, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Having made the decision to leave LA we had to stock up on goodies for our 272 mile trip across the desert to Vegas, so we asked the hotel for directions to the nearest shops/supermarket. Very vague instructions were given, they seem surprised that we needed shops, and it took us a while to find the grocery store. Much less so because it was hidden in a rather posh residentual area rather than a shopping mall or outlet centre.

We stored our water, cola, crisps and chocs (well its a long way) in the car and headed for the only open cafe (it was Memorial Day and most places were shut) for breakfast. At the time we were impressed with the choice and amount of food. We were later to discover that what we had got there was very meagre for Californian standards but hey we were only in the country one day!

Then we hit the road.

As last time, driving in America is so easy. The International Freeway goes straight to Vegas (straight being the operative word). I had spoken to Karen (Scrapdolly) before we left as she and her DH had done this trip many times, and she had told me there was nothing between LA and LV except one town. She was not wrong, although the countryside did change slightly as you went through the mountain pass and across the desert. But it was hot and our hire car had no air con so we were pretty glad to get to the outlet centre that marks around the half way point.

As well as the comfort break and the need to stretch our legs, we needed to buy Martin a pair of sandals as I had made him throw away his old smelly pair on our Florida trip. There were a few shops amongst the food places so we took time out to stroll around. Because he didnt want toe posts or flip flops we didnt find any sandals but we didnt come away empty handed. I had filled my ipod with suitable road trip music before we left home, taking the cassette car adaptor with me. Our car was a little more modern though with no cassette player but an audio jack. Trouble was the jack I had bought in LA wouldnt work, so we were relying on local radio (mostly talking). So we treated ourselves to a cd.

Yeah ok, it was California and Martin is a fan but there are only so many hours of The Beach Boys you can stand!!! Luckly I did eventually find a half decent radio station!!!!

Traffic was light on our side although on the other side cars were bumper to bumper as half of LA travelled home from their bank holiday outings. Comfort breaks were impossible from here on as it was a nightmare getting out of the car parks back onto the I road due to the amount of them stopping for a break from the traffic jams, so no more stops and eventually we arrived in Vegas!

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Boo said...

I can just see you two. Must be about like The Griswalds on one of their vacations. I do love reading your holiday stories though Yizz. :D