Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still only day 2

The Luxor is huge, and built as a giant pyramid. We were offered the first floor - the rooms literally open onto the casino floor, or the 30th.

We took the 30th and I am so glad we did as this was the view from our side of the hotel.

And at night!

We later went to look out from the 23rd floor where the corridor windows look down onto the gallary floor and reception on the inside. You look through a floor to ceiling window and it made me feel quite giddy.

Sorry about the quality - my camera just will not do good indoor shots.

Anyway it was time to go look at the town properly so we took a stroll along the street.

I was facinated by the escalators to get over the road.

We had only walked past two hotels when someone handed us a 'bogof' dinner buffet at the Monte Carlo. All you can stuff in your face for $20.49, about £11. So choice made we didnt hesitate to go eat our fill.

So only day 2 and we had been through an 11 hour plane journey, had no sleep all night due to the I-405 right outside our window, travelled 272 miles across the desert in an american automatic, and stuffed ourselves silly at the buffet. No wonder that despite the Las Vegas playground just outside our hotel door, we collapsed into bed at only 10 O'clock that evening.

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Boo said...

Stuffed yourselves silly at the buffet. I can picture it all in technicolour lol. Love the sound of the escalators and those views would have had me spinning too. Your indoor shots are fine this end hun.