Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bank account suffers

Today I have had to go shift money from one account to another as our bank account has taken a bit of a battering from our holiday. We didnt really do much shopping and the hotels were relatively cheap, just it came to more than our poor bank account could cope with when we should have been messing about with our savings. So the morning has been spent writing cheques and visiting various banks/building societies to sort it all out and put everything in the right place. Gosh its not easy coming back from holiday is it.

I also had to get a bit of food in as it
s over 4 weeks since I did a proper grocery shop. Wow! I cant believe how much the prices have gone up since we went away. Gessh!

Anyway back to the fun.

Vegas Day 2

Up bright and early to have a Starbuck coffee before exploring. Strangely there are connecting corridors with moving pavements that will take you to the neighbouring hotels. How odd. This is part of the way into The Excalibur

First though, we wanted to try the breakfast buffet in our own hotel. To be honest we thought the breakfast buffets were way better than the evening b
uffets (cheaper too) so we were soon tucking into a full english preceeded by a huge bowl of fresh fruit for me, cereal for Mart, and followed by pancake and coollied strawberries plus (cos I am greedy) an apple crepe. All came with bottomless coffee, and squeezed orange juice cups. Yummmmm.

And all for little more than a fiver each!

I know we shouldnt have after all that food but we were eager to try out one of the three swimming pools we had glimpsed the day before as we had trundled our suitcases through the grounds from the car. So back to our room to grap our cosies and reading books and off we we set.

How dissappointed were we? And how typical our holiday luck (Yes Boo meet the Griswalds again). The three swimming pools were actually only two as the larger deeper one went under the walkway and had looked like two pools, but this one had, during the night, been drained and was now void of crystal clear blue water. Instead it was full of Portugese men in hard hats busy drilling holes into the concrete.

This left us with the children's pool which was only 3 foot deep and rather small.

Still there were plenty of chairs and the weather was unusally warm for that time of year. We settled down to read.

At lunch time we thought to go exploring a bit further afield so we started on our walk through all the hotels to see all the 'free' exhibitions. I had got a list of what was available for nothing in each hotel off the net before we went, and we wanted to see everything.

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Boo said...

ROFLOL Yizz!!! The pool, would have been just our luck too hun. I'm sure it must happen to 99% of the population and we have to face facts, we are not the 1% who come up smelling of roses everytime!! But laughter is the best medicine and you certainly share that around.