Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hi honey we're home.

We actually got back yesteday but having been up nearly 36 hours the last thing I was able to do was update my blog. Just turn on the pc, check emails, watch doctor who and fall into bed. Of course today has been washing, shopping and tryiing to hack through the jungle in the garden as it has rained torrentually every day since we left. The plants and vegies didnt do so well in the weather - apparently most pots were floating in water, but the grass has gone mad.

I am going to do daily updates on what we got up to in America but I still have stuff from suitcases to sort, more washing and hoovering to do so just a few photos as a taste for now.

We loved the idea of doggie water fountains in Golden Gate Park

With such small portions we cant understand why we have put on weight!!

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Boo said...

That fountain's a bit low down that Martin's drinking from, sure that's not the doggy fountain too hun? :D LOL at the portions, no way could I manage even half of that, but it does look very tasty.