Friday, June 13, 2008

Some scrapping

Finally felt like scrapping last night. I made one digi LO for this weeks UKS challenge and started a paper one encouraged by my AL 2008 calender (will upload that one when I have finished it). This is the digi one.

This weeks challenge - pink, picture of my childhood, metal (ring holding heart on) strips of ribbons)
Used a quick page from Simply sweet designs. Heart clip is from Fraisinette of Digi Scrapbook-, journal tag is from Frauisy by Coco and co.

Journaling reads My Childhood The photo below says everything about my childhood. We were on our first ever holiday in our Dorma campavan together as a family, me with Fred Bear who went everywhere with me, being with my dad, my hero, younger brother in tow. And its true, you do remember ever day being filled with sunshine. We had that campavan for a lot of years. We we in it, in Wales, when the storms were so strong it was blowing caravans off cliffs, we were in it when my brother had his first ever proper epileptic fit, we spent many years in it parked on the drive of my aunt's farm. It was a sad day when we had to give it up least until our first Pontin's holiday!

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Boo said...

Love that photo, very precious. Fred Bear looks a proper sweetie too.