Friday, June 13, 2008

Free sights in Vegas

As well as being able to walk through corridors to each hotel, some of them run a monorail between sister companys and we wanted to try out the one between ours and Excalibur. Unfortunately it wasnt running so we had to take the moving pavements and then walk through the cassino. The Excalibur is more family orientated, there were children everywhere. We were glad to finally reach the street door and head for New York New York

This was supposed to house a full scale mock up of New York but when we went inside the casino was so huge and dark it was difficult to see it had been themed. From ouside it looked fantastic and it also had a rolla-coasta ride wrapped around it which had riders screaming for most of the night.

From there we moved on to MGM Grand where there were two live lions housed in the foyer. I was totally facinated. It didnt seem cruel as the lions were totally oblivious to onlookers

and were having such fun with their trainers (who were not just standing there but actually playing with them.

Look at the bond and trust between these two!

On that side of the road was also the fairly newly opened Planet Hollywood Mall so we got a bit sidetracked in there for an hour or so just wondering around. Gosh there was just so much distance to walk. By now my legs were really aching. Martin, used to 18 hole rounds of golf twice a week was fine but the most walking I ever do is from one end of a classroom to the other - yes I admit, I am totally unfit.

We stopped for a beer which apparently do not come in large or small, pints or half pints but a one-size-fits-all which was a size that didnt fit me as it was too big. Martin ended up with half of mine too.

Back on the street we were hardly even starting in on the list, but really didnt want to do much more walking, so we crossed the road to the Bellegrio to watch the dancing waterfalls dancing to Swan Lake.

This had taken up most of the afternoon and early evening. We caught the bus back for $2 each. After a bit of a look round the casino in the Luxor and a short go on the one armed bandits Winning the grand totall of $1.5 (having spent $3 to accumulate it), I collapsed in bed with my book while Martin went back to watch the tables.

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Boo said...

Oh my goodness, it's all so amazing. Thanks for sharing all the photos and stories, I am fascinated by it all. It's like another world out there!