Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of the 'Bridemaid dresses' solutions was to buy silk flower corsages to hide Kelly's tat, so I had gone into town in search of something suitable. I finally found something in Debenhams but they only had two in stock. The sales girl was brilliant, searching through new stock, old stock and eventually getting one put by for me at their Westward Cross store. Too late to get there before closing though I went yesterday morning, taking my american niece Zoe and my mum.

Having had a good morning wandering around the shops, I stopped at the sea front in Herne Bay so she could buy some postcards to send home. The sea was a novelty to someone who lives in the Arizona desert so inevitabley we ended up having a bit of a paddle.

Martin had managed to dig out the tree stumps (finally and not without a fight) but none of his saw's were up to cutting the large trunk up. He had arranged for our friend Trev to come round after he had been at work, with his better quality saws. Apparently their daughter Joey, the one who fell off her horse and suffered head injuries, is not making as good a progress as first suggested, and it was very sad talking to him, and to hear how hard they are all finding the adjustment to their life as carers.

Already low from this chat, at that point we had a phone call from mum and dad to say they had been in a car accident. All three of them, mum dad and Zoe were unhurt (if a not shook up) but the car - my dad's pride and joy Merc, was a mess. The front wing and side passenger door were crumpled to within an inch of its life and although the car is perfectly drivable I suspect the insurance co. will write it off.

Worse still though was the attitude of the passenger of the car that caused the accident. A young girl driver had pulled into a parking place between parked cars in front of dad, but as he then overtook her, she changed her mind and pulled out the space again straight into the side of dad. Her brother, riding shot gun, apparently when ape, ripping off the number plates and tax disc of her car in order to prevent my dad getting any details, and continually shouting at both my mum and dad aggresively. A passing motorist stopped to tell him to stop shouting at 'that little old lady' (my mum) and soon ambulances and police had arrived to try sort out the situation.

What a fab end (not) to Zoe's first day in England!!


PhotoJenique said...

Some people are unbelievable ! Glad no one was hurt though. You have a lot on your plate... take care!!

lyzzydee said...

Glad all was well on the injury front, can't wait to see the wedding photos